6 things you should know about Market Bucks and SNAP/EBT at Minnesota farmers markets

6 things you should know about Market Bucks and SNAP/EBT at Minnesota farmers markets
  1. SNAP/EBT is accepted in most farmers markets in Minnesota    

80% of all Farmers Markets in Minnesota accept SNAP/EBT.

  1.   What are Market Bucks?

All of those markets accepting SNAP/EBT also offer Market Bucks. Now, what are Market Bucks? When you first arrive at a Farmers Market and swipe your EBT card at the EBT booth to decide how much you will spend, the amount you choose will be matched in “Market Bucks,” up to $10. These $10 are an extra $10 to spend while you are at the Farmers Market.

  1.  There are additional ways to earn Market Bucks

Gift certificates for Market Bucks will be distributed to SNAP users at food shelves and SNAP Education events. These gift certificates can be redeemed at the EBT card booth at farmers markets for an additional $10 in Market Bucks.

  1. Shopping at farmers markets with your EBT card is easy     

All vendors that are accepting EBT and Market Bucks will have clear signs stating so.

  1. What exactly can you buy with your EBT card at Farmers Markets?   

All of the following items can be purchased at a farmers market with your EBT card: Fruits and vegetables, cheese, meats, eggs, bread, jams, jelly, maple syrup, honey, pickles, wild rice, herbs, herb plants or plants that produce fruit or vegetables. The following items can’t be purchased at a Farmers Market with your EBT card: cut flowers, crafts, non-food items such as soaps and lotions or food for immediate consumption.

  1. Which farmers markets accept SNAP/EBT?

Every farmers market in Minnesota that accepts SNAP/EBT and offers Market Bucks can be found here.  

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